Sheldon Ratuski

Sheldon’s thesis is entitled Cultural Landscapes of the Common Ground: Mapping First Nations’ Relationships to the Landscape.  He defended his thesis in early 2014, earning a Master of Natural Resources Management degree.


Sheldon’s research helped to communicate landscape values in the cross-cultural shared management environment of the Rat Portage Common Ground Conservation Organization.

Sheldon developed a cultural atlas for the Common Ground lands. He recorded stories of land-use and occupancy of Tunnel and Old Fort Islands and the areas around the Common Ground lands by contemporary Anishinaabeg.  He interviewed people in three partner communities: Obashkaandagaang (Washagamis Bay) First Nation, Ochiichagwe’babigo’ining (Dalles) Ojibway Nation, and Wauzhushk Onigum (Rat Portage) Nation.

In addition to his thesis work, Sheldon also collaborated with the community partners to develop and deliver GIS training workshops, teaching community members to conduct their own independent GIS research.

Sheldon’s thesis is available here.

Materials from one of Sheldon’s training workshops with Ochiichagwe’babigo’ining Ojibwe Nation in 2011 are here:

Workshop Final Report

Workshop Manual

Workshop Presentation