Student Research

As a CURA project, the CGRF supported both community-led and academic action research.

One stream of funding, just over $400,000, was invested community-led research projects in Kenora and Treaty 3 territory.  17 Community Partner Projects were completed, and nearly 20 Community Small Grants were awarded to support community events and small projects.

A second funding stream applied to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate research assistants. Eight Masters of Natural Resources Management students and one Doctor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management were supported through the CGRF project. Several of these students remain actively employed in the Kenora and Treaty 3 area, and many have produced research products that continue to extend the impacts of their work in the region.

Student Research Projects

Melanie Zurba, PhD  Building Common Ground: Transformative Learning Towards Collective Governance

Dr. Jim Robson, Post-doctoral fellow Cross-cultural Collaboration and Common Ground: Lessons From National and International Experience

Sheldon Ratuski, MNRM – Cultural Landscapes of the Common Ground: Mapping First Nations’ Relationships to the Landscape

Mya Wheeler, MNRM Common Land, Common Ground: Imagining Sense of Place Connections Among Local People

Natasha Szach, MNRM Keepers of the Water: Exploring Anishinaabe and Metis Women’s Knowledge of Water and Participation in Water Governance

Inna Miretsky, MNRM Game Changer: Encouraging Cross-Cultural Collaboration Through a Fun and Interactive Experience in the Interpretive Forest, Kenora

Robert Moquin, MNRM Growing Together: Community Gardens, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, and Social-Ecological Citizenship in Kenora, Ontario

Megan Bob, MNRM Candidate Understanding What Triggers, Enables and Hinders Cross-Cultural Collaboration in Fisheries Management

Brigitte Savard, MNRM Finding Common Ground: Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Urban Forest Management in Kenora, Ontario