Common Land, Common Ground

In 2001, the Ogichidaa (Grand Chief) of Grand Council of Treaty #3, Leon Jourdain and Mayor Dave Canfield of the City of Kenora created the Common Land, Common Ground initiative as a way for First Nations and municipal governments to discuss areas of mutual concern.

Common Land, Common Ground was based on the idea that governments whose people share a territory and its resources should create and maintain ways to live and work in harmony. Both municipal and First Nations leaders realized that an ongoing, constructive relationship could help avoid potential disputes in the future and could foster constructive working relationships on a variety of mutual concerns in a region shared by all. As a testament to the relevance and value of the Common Land, Common Ground initiative, the movement has only gained strength despite several changes in government leadership since its inception. 

The CGRF project was devised to advance the intent of the Common Land, Common Ground relationship and practice.