Lake of the Woods Development Commission – Lake of the Woods Project

The Lake of the Woods Project had three main goals:

  1. To encourage the acceptance of the International Joint Commission (IJC) Task Force recommendations to create an international organization with a mandate to oversee the Lake of the Woods watershed and position Kenora as the location for the delivery of IJC activities.
  2. To establish a Water Resource Centre, focused on Lake of the Woods and based in Kenora.
  3. To develop partnerships and investi
  4. gate funding opportunities.

The Common Ground Research Forum providing funding to support the development of a website for the project and for the Water Resource Centre, and to hold a meeting in Kenora of all stakeholders within the watershed, including municipalities, First Nations, US Tribes,colleges and universities, representatives of the governments of Manitoba, Ontario, and Minnesota, and Lake of the Woods area partner organizations including the Lake of the Woods District Property Owners’ Association and the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation.

This meeting was held in November 2012, and a final report is available here: Lake of the Woods Project Final Report

There were two opportunities for the community to engage directly in this project on the Tunnel Island Common Ground lands, both involving guided walks on the land.